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08 Yo Yo Yo (Please Don’t Fall in Love) (+/-)

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photo by Tony Vadakan

This is a cover of my friend’s band’s song. I met the band +/- (Plus Minus) a few times over trips to New York. I first saw them perform in San Francisco a few years ago, and remember how their performance of this song just stuck with me as a highlight in the show.

Earlier this year, their record label TeenBeat, was having a 20 year anniversary, and a compilation of covers was being made to commemorate it. In a day, i re-worked their song, w/ vocal help from my girlfriend, to be included in the compilation. Like any cover version, i wanted to make one that captured the spirit of the original, but would be unique in itself.

In this version, the music is comprised mostly of a four-part vocal harmony, a minimal bass line, an electric and acoustic guitar, and a simple heartbeat drum loop. The result was a more intimate version than the original. I particularly like the overlapping of vocal melodies in the chorus, and how the repeating guitar lines weave into eachother. Listening to it now makes me think of “Where’s My Mind” by the Pixies.

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