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05 Nicotine

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photo by Jay Jao

Over the years, I have really tried to get away from the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure of most songs.

I’ve been writing more music that begins in one place, and ends somewhere else alltogether. This song is a perfect example of that. Lyrically, it’s a song of regret over a failed relationship, and a way to comfort myself by comparing her new boyfriend to a nicotine patch, a substitute to ween her off of what she is really wanting, me! (ha ha ha ha!)

She once played violin for my band, and so i ended the verse..

“..with your saddest violin, all your melodies can’t tell me why you need nicotine”

From this point on, the music takes over the song and there are no more lyrics to tell the story (and no need for them anyway). Like the way that movies can use abstract images to represent relationships, I tried to portray my relationship with the instruments. The violin representing her, the cello, as myself, and the supporting music being the space we inhabit. The cello and violin begin by sharing the same melody together.

The supporting music begins to change, and at first they stay together. But eventually, the music becomes fragmented and the cello’s melody strays. The violin gives up on the original melody as well, and by the last third of the song, the supporting music has completly transformed, and the cello and violin now are separate melodies, reacting to each other, competing with eachother, but always existing in the same space, harmonizing and ultimately creating a new relationship. (Much like the way we have been able to maintain our friendship)

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The quitar, drums, violin and the vocal. this song is a killer.

Comment by Miki 02.22.06 @ 6:35 pm

This song is addicting.

Comment by on Nicotine 02.27.06 @ 5:13 pm

good luck

Comment by Garland Murray 01.09.09 @ 1:02 am

good luck

Comment by Michael Weiss 01.10.09 @ 2:12 pm

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