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03 Embarcadero Blues
Goh Nakamura

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photo by Jay Jao

The verse section of this song was inspired by Roy Orbison. I was trying to write something that I could imagine him singing. I should probably concentrate on writing songs for singers who are still alive!

I recorded and wrote the lyrics to the song in a few hours before I left for a trip to Japan in 2003. To my ears, it ended up sounding like a close relative to the Beatle’s “The Ballad of John and Yoko” Go figure…

Here’s an old journal entry that sums up this song for me…


If you see a busboy- and he is hungover, please give him a break. He is
doing what he can to pay the bills…it is a humbling job. He is hungover
because his darling sisters went to Mexico a few months ago and brought
him back a few mini bottles of tequila that he decided to smuggle into the
bar he went to last night. I repeat, please give him a break.

That is all.

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This is really a cool song….i love it! :)

Comment by chinkgirl 02.10.06 @ 7:50 pm

What are the chords? Aspiring musicians need to know. Good stuff.

Comment by Frank 11.14.07 @ 8:19 pm

[…] I first heard Goh’s soulful croonings and moody spunkiness on the album DETAILS HURT MY MIND, a compilation of artists. The CD was part of a film festival swag bag. I couldn’t stop listening to this CD. It was just so perfectly melancholy. Goh’s a true talent.  He’s in LA to play with Grand Hallway TODAY at Giant Robot in West LA. […]

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