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01 Not Right

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photo by David Huang

Lyrically it’s about the changing relationship between two old friends. People that haven’t seen each other in a long time, coming together, and then drifting apart again.

Have you ever known someone for so long that even though it’s been years, when you hang out, you can’t help but slip right back into how you were when you grew up together as teenagers?

You want them to be as they were, as we were, but who they are now competes with your memory, and for some reason it’s dissapointing to you. In this case, it’s a fall from grace in the sense that one person is involved in something the other believes is ‘Not Right’.

Sometimes it seems they both know it, but still nothing changes. How can you express concern to someone who seems to like being where they are regardless of whether it is good for them or not? It’s never your place to say it anyway, so you put it in a song instead :)

I like the way the music sort of disintegrates at the end, frustrated and tired and not really resolving itself, other than to just stop trying.

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i like it :)

Comment by Corliss 04.30.05 @ 9:36 pm

Love it!!!!Thanks!

Comment by Miki 02.22.06 @ 6:20 pm

Sorry that I have to say it again…I love this song so much!

Comment by Miki 02.24.06 @ 12:12 pm


Comment by Sunny 02.28.06 @ 4:03 am

feel good, i like this song and also music

Comment by dumb cat 08.22.06 @ 8:25 am

this one is my favorite =] i love the meaning behind it

Comment by michelle 01.07.07 @ 5:35 pm

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